Metering Solutions Architecture

Smart Home

Monitor your and control your resources where it’s convenient, Ontec offers various options to bring your meter to where it needs to be. Request More Info

Broad participation in energy management initiatives will be increasingly important as consumer solar generation, home energy management systems and electric vehicle charging systems create more opportunities to balance energy and capacity with reliable delivery. Request More Info

Whether it is a prepaid gas meter or electricity meter using a smart card or NFC card, Ontec’s In-Home-Vend system allow you to directly from your PC, write the credit vended on the Ontec Energy site directly to your meter card. Request More Info

Making payments easy and monitoring your consumption has never been easier. All from the convenience of you PC or Smart phone app. Request More Info

Ontec offers a comprehensive suite of energy management and load
control solutions. These solutions include control devices, which extend our smart grid communications options, and software to manage device lifecycles and dispatch instructions. By combining flexible communications with devices that target a broad spectrum of electric loads, Ontec’s solutions maximize control of energy and capacity. Intelligent dispatch of load over existing networks ensures value creation and business transformation for utilities.

With a growing need to deliver reliable energy in the face of capacity constraints and rapidly changing generation portfolios, the realization of these benefits is critical. Request More Info

Metering Infrastructure

Centrally located concentrators converters/concentrators transmit meter data using direct link to the supervision computer or through various long-distance networks (e.g., telephone line, GSM or Ethernet). Ontec has at it’s disposal various products and solutions that will best suit you application.
Ontec’s APN will guarantee secure and reliable GSM connection where the flexibility of GSM is the most appropriate backhaul.
A Solutions Architect will assist is selecting the most cost effective and reliable means of supporting you AMI/AMR network. Request More Info

C&I meters meet the new demands arising from deregulation and the opening of electricity markets. Their applications are vast. From large office sites to transformer distribution check meters, the are capable of measuring all functions of electricity metering. Compliant with IEC recommendations, they allow users to store the load curves to communicate locally and remotely with multiple communication capacities. These meters are designed for direct connection or a connection to current transformers (CT), and have modular architecture for use in existing or future electricity distribution networks . An integrated self-adaptive power supply with a wide dynamic measurement range. Request More Info

Prepayment solutions, enabled by electricity meters outfitted with two-way communications and a remote disconnect switch, help utilities simplify operations, cut costs, reduce delinquent account risks, improve cash flow, improve customer service and encourage conservation. They also give customers greater control over their energy usage and costs. Request More Info

Ontec’s smart grid technology empowers electrical utilities to move beyond smart metering to sensoring, distribution automation and microgrids. Energy consumers, both industrial and residential, will benefit from smart grid solutions that improve distribution system reliability, network efficiency and enable demand response and renewable integration. Request More Info

Measurement to the edge. More accurate. More reliable. Whether it be smart, or prepaid STS, water, gas or electricity, both thin and thick prepayment, Ontec has the products and the capability to implement effectively the right solution for your application. Measuring accurately according to IEC standards, is a primary focus. Being able to provide and bring the data to where it needs to be is where the skill lies. Our vast experience in metering ensures you that the best communication channel is selected. Request More Info

Data Centre

Revenue protection is a set of people, process, and systems focused on identifying, qualifying, and eliminating revenue leak across the onganisation. These activities consisted primarily of; audit programs, visual inspection of the meters by field teams, anonymous tips, tracking broken meter seals and rudimentary high/low validation of pre-paid sales. Request More Info

Field Deployment Manager (FDM) software is utilized to support the safe and efficient deployment and maintenance of meters, endpoints and network equipment ensuring operational efficiency for both back office and field worker productivity. Field Deployment Manager automates endpoint programming to ensure the appropriate parameter settings are set, electronically captures and validate installation data reducing errors and site re-visits, ensures network connectivity, and creates work orders for field service and quality audit work orders. Request More Info

Whether you need to read your metering devices and concentrators, or collect data from various end-points, Ontec MDC manages the complex task of handling millions of devices keeping you in control of your network. Ontec MDC will read various makes of Meters and has the flexibility to adapt to any new meter that may be your preference. Request More Info

Ontec Meter Manager latest solution to the comprehensive management of an online prepaid electricity and water, with a gas vending system, through the use of web service technology. The system consists of a credit vending component (Ontec Vending Gateway) as well as a web accessible administration application for managing customer, point of connection and meter administrative processes using a standard web browser. The software supports both Smart Cards and Standard Transfer Specification (STS) token transactions and is the only system existing today that can do both. Request More Info

The Eclipse Vending Gateway (EVG) is an independently managed transaction platform, that allows for the activation of a multitude of vending and distribution channels. The gateway is built on platform independent technology and optimised for high volume vending, merchant management, administration of complex commission structures and banking standard security.

The Eclipse EVG is an integrated solution that allows it to be plugged into the Eclipse Vending System. This allows for the expansion of vending and distribution channels of the vending system.

Eclipse EVG is already integrated with various other payment platforms and brings a true transaction switch to the overall payment architecture. Request More Info

Putting the power into your hands. Ontec Vending services give you the choice and the freedom to choose for a number methods. With Ontec’s smart metering solutions with our eWallet technology, recharging has never been easier. With a choice of credit card or instant EFT, your meter will be recharged without you having to be in front. Conventional keypad meters are supported on the Ontec Energy website with SMS functionality. Request More Info