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Ontec - Level 2 B-BBEE Contributor


Itron Metering Solutions SA (PTY) Ltd has undergone restructuring of shareholding to become Ontec Systems (PTY) Ltd. What started as a small local company in South Africa has gone full circle and is yet again wholly focused on providing solutions to the South African market. Ontec remains the sole supplier of Itron products and solutions within South Africa. We are stronger, more agile and adaptive to the local market’s requirements. Our products include electricity, gas and water meters, prepayment metering solutions, data collection and communication systems, including automated meter reading (AMR) and Smart Metering / advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).

Ontec is a B-BBEE majority 51% black owned Level 2 contributor


To be admired for building sustainable relationships with our customers, by responding to their needs, while creating solutions that surpass expectations and sets the industry trends


Through partnering with our customers we support, enable and empower them through our innovative solutions, to efficiently manage their use of Electricity, Gas and Water resources




Itron South Africa becomes Ontec

Ontec Logo Timeline
Itron South Africa (Pty) Ltd becomes Ontec Systems (Pty) Ltd a local company with 51% black ownership and Level 2 BB-BEE

Smart Card Capability Introduced

3e Logo
1st Vending system to Support STS and Smart Card capability for both Electricity & GAS utilities.

CRM Multi-Integration

Sap Logo
Multi-Integration done to other CRM systems like SAP.

Actaris Acquisition

Itron Logo
Itron acquires Actaris.

Eskom Contract Awarded

Actaris Logo
Actaris awarded contract by Eskom for the largest on-line prepayment system in the world to cater for 4.5Million meters with a capability of 250 vending transactions per second.

ECLIPSE Vending Gateway Introduced

Evg Logo
Introduction of ECLIPSE Vending Gateway (EVG) to increase vending footprint to banks and other 3rd party channels.

Schlumberger Acquisition

Actaris Logo
Actaris acquires Schlumberger Metering.

Next Generation STS Meters Introduced

Eclipse Logo
Introduction of next generation STS meters (Talexus range) & Vending Software (IRIS / ECLIPSE).

First Revenue Management Operation

Schlumberger Logo
First Revenue Management Operation on behalf of utility undertaken by Schlumberger.

AEG Energy Control Acquisition

Schlumberger Logo
Schlumberger acquires AEG Energy Control.

STS Standard Developed

STS Association Logo
Instrumental with industry players in South Africa to develop STS standard.

Angcon Acquisition

Aeg Logo
Angcon is acquired by AEG Energy Control.

1990’s – AEG Energy Control Launched

Aeg Logo
AEG, supplier of very first prepayment meters and vending systems.

Angcon opens manufacturing in Atlantis

Aeg Logo
First keypad electricity prepayment meter in the world developed in 1989. Angcon Technologies starts in Atlantis manufacturing prepaid meters – receives a contract for 6000 meters which grew to 250000 by 1993.